Roasting coffee at home

You could try to roast your own coffee beans at home: the freshness is worth it.

Once you feel that you have chosen the correct coffee bean it has to be roasted at the perfect temperature. If it doesn’t have enough time to be roasted correctly, the beans often lose their taste and freshness.

A perfectly roasted coffee bean batch makes it have rich and full flavors.

Their are two ways of roasting coffee: light and dark roast.

Light roast

Lightly roasted coffee beans retain their natural, unique and original taste.

Dark Roast

Darkly roasted coffee beans unmask the taste of the actual roasting, rather than that of the natural taste of the bean itself.

Dar roast means higher temperature for a longer time so that all the flavors within the beans (both the bad and good flavors) are burnt away.

Mass marketing says that the dark roast coffee beans are the ultimate expression of quality coffee. What is sure it that it’s a question of personal taste and adding sugar and milk usually mask the original taste of a coffee.

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